Forget nooks and crannies

Úštěk is a romantic, historical and spiritual studio of Kolja or Rebel's films

The town of Úštěk is first mentioned in 1371, it lies in the middle of the romantic landscape of northern Bohemia between Litoměřice and Česká Lípa, on the border of two protected landscape areas - Kokořínsko and Český středohoří. The environment of the city's monument reserve is a magnificent backdrop to the annual markets - fairs, which take place in the historical spirit and are a great attraction for many visitors.


The exceptional atmosphere of the city also regularly attracts film crews. The burgher houses on the square attract with their steep gables and picturesque arcades. The historical monuments include the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the Picart Tower, the Baroque rectory and the Jewish synagogue. The surroundings of the city with many sights and beautiful, almost untouched nature also attract to sports and relaxation. The landscape around Úštěk is hilly, with numerous forests with a number of cycle paths and ponds.

Where to go from us?

Sights on foot

Hike to the Saddle, Kostelíčky Ostré, Helfenburk Castle, Úštěk, Zubrnice Open-Air Museum, Levín from the film Gentlemen Boys

Sights by train or car

Ploskovice chateau, the medieval town of Litoměřice, Česká Lípa, the Milešovka mountain, a memorial or golf in Terezín

Active holiday

  • Cycle trip around the Sedlo mountain, to Mácha’s lake, to Roudnice by the Elbe cycle path to Ústí nad Labem and back through Krásné Březno
  • Fishing and pond Barvíř on a permit purchased at the office in Úštěk
  • Horseback riding on a farm in Třebušín
  • Mushroom picking in the woods all around

Tips for trips

Úštěk is located 60 km north of Prague and is an excellent starting point for exploring the tourist sites of northern Bohemia in a beautiful wavy landscape full of mushrooms, blueberries and game - Bohemian Central Mountains.
To plan your trips, you can download and print our map.
Download a map of the area

Helfenburk Castle - 6km

Horse farm in Třebušín - 9km

Open-air museum Zubrnice - 11km

Ploskovice Chateau - 12km

Beautiful medieval monuments in Litoměřice - 17km

Monument in Terezín - 20km

ZOO or a trip to Dresden on the Elbe from Ústí - 25km

Wine and chateau with the iconic mountain Říp - 28km

Trip and great swimming in Macha Lake - 31km