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Úštěk is located by the main road between Litoměřice and Česká Lípa and on the railway line connecting the same towns. It is 65 km from Prague to Hotel Racek. From the train station Úštěk 5 min. From the bus stop in Úštěk to the square approx. 7 min. By car from Litoměřice just on the edge of Úštěk on the left side.
The hotel has been in constant improvement since 2007, when it passed into private hands. The hotel is located in the picturesque medieval town of Ustek on the border of the Bohemian Central Mountains and Kokorinsko. We are easily accessible from Prague, Ústí nad Labem and Liberec. We are a pleasant place with a good price for you.

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(kitchen until 21:30)

The operator of the Hotel Racek

RHR servis sro

RHR servis sro
Company ID: 06956980
VAT No .: CZ 06956980
C. account: 5300113309/0800
Registered seat: Levínská 141, 411 45 Úštěk
Managing director and responsible person:
Miloš Doležal

Snippets from the annual report


The gigantic summer will no longer catch up with the loss of a stupid year of covid – we have a 35 %. We grew 1990 wine heads. Comrades from the construction industry visited us 3 times on the inspection day at the mill – an honor of their work. Our magical park behind the hotel welcomed 7 enthusiastic weddings. Láďa Pacička left us straight from the hostel to the sky. The herd of cameroon grew by one sheep. Strak’s oldest mill is shining again!


A mini-herd of 3 Cameroonians was born. We planted a tree in the middle of the parking lot for the anniversary. We raised the gate. We buried 3 friends from the hostel. We organized 2 veteran grand events. We did not meet the 20% increase in sales, but only + 5%. We are in the last phase of the reconstruction of Strakov’s mill. We have made another land acquisition and behind the hotel we will soon open a beautiful amusement park with a pond and cottages in the treetops and with the largest yurt yard in the Czech Republic. We have started the preparation of the vineyard, in the spring of 2020 we are planting the first wine. Hotel Racek is finally barrier-free, we have a platform upstairs.
Thank you to all my employees for these results. Thank you for helping all the craftsmen who help us to prosper. Thanks to all Rack’s friends for visiting. We want to continue to support good projects arising in Ústí nad Labem.
Respectfully, Hotelier Miloš Doležal


All our companies moved their headquarters to Úštěk. Newly Racka is operated by RHR sro We withstood the personal earthquake and it was a mess. The chef finished before the event, so the hotelier and the maid improvised 100 cutlets. From spring to autumn, we will heat the hotel with ecological heat pumps from spring to autumn. We won’t stink of CO2 anymore. We supported the festival culture in Úštěk with a financial donation. We “married” the diamond bride and groom and, as usual, the organ in the church failed. As part of the university workshop, we accommodated guests from as far away as Japan and Malaysia. Unfortunately, the goat Vojta and the ram Honza left us for goulash. Racek currently cooperates with 9 Ústí nad Labem companies. We stabilized the hotel team.


We got 3 waitresses pregnant. We officially run a wellness. We started building an annex from the torso of Horní Strakov’s mill. We bought land around Seagull. We spin 12 ° Štěpán from Litoměřice. The hotel had an increase in 20% occupancy compared to 2016. A new concept of home cooking with weekly tips accompanied by ingredients from our garden and a bet on burgers. We threw the junkies out of the hostel. Our company is slowly becoming famous!
Hotelier Miloš Doležal wishes a calm soul in our wellness and a full navel of our goodies from the roof of Racka.

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